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Blue Racer Technologies LLC

About Us:

Blue Racer Technologies LLC is a Mid West technology company that speciallizes in providing tailored technical solutions to small and medium size businesses.

We are currently serving the Grand Rapids, Holland, Muskegon, Kalamazoo, and will be soon in a town near you. We provide technical solutions that range from web development and software development, to market research and systems design.

We are in the business of helping your company become more efficient using the power of systems and technology.

Giving Back to the Community

Blue Racer Technologies is commited to helping out the community. We are working on putting together a program for teaching the youth of West Michigan how to code. We feel it is important that there are opportunities for children to learn a trade that is growing and changing every day. With the skills in coding, children can show how creative their minds are as they design their own websites, apps, or even software.

We will also be providing an internship program in the future, as well. Giving an opportunity to work side by side with some of our staff and working on real world projects. Giving them the experience needed to compete in the job market.

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